Monday, 12 March 2012


Easter will soon be here and I have a craft fair Easter weekend so I needed to make up some bits to sell!
I made up these little bird houses which are filled with mini eggs using a favourite template of mine which is the  bird box template by Nicole Heady .

I only made a slight change to the design. The roof is all one piece normally and stuck onto the house so once its glued you have to rip it open to get to the contents.  These are such pretty things I wanted people to be able to keep them and reuse them.

Once I had cut out and scored the design, I made little slits just wide enough for a ribbon to be pushed through at the base of each side panel and then again in the score line on each edge of the side panel.

(inside of box)

The ribbon is hidden inside the box and just pulled through the slits at the top to hold the roof in place once its attached.  I cut out the heart shaped window with the PTI heart dies and put some acetate inside to stop the contents coming out.

For the roof, I cut two strips of cardstock the same size (8cm x 9cm) and scored and folded one end at 1 cm and cut a slit the width of the ribbon at other end approx 1 cm from the edge.  I threaded the ribbon through the slit of one panel and fixed to the bird house with double sided tape but left the scored section unattached.  I threaded the ribbon through the other roof panel and lay the panel on top of the other one at the score fold, pulled the ribbon to the top and tied in a bow to hold it all in place and the contents secure.

This way when untied, one side opens right up so you can get your hands
on the goodies inside and reuse it when empty.

I made a couple more, one a little larger than the other two (I just enlarged on a photocopier).

I used a collection of doubled sided patterned papers called Flower Garden from Tilda (the same designs as the Tilda doll from my last post).  The solid cardstock in PTI.

Those little chocs scattered on the table for decoration purposes are sadly no more, I ate them all!  I am on a diet presently, two weeks in and although I've lost 6 1/2 lbs so far, I just can't resist a choc when presented to me!

Have a great evening all.


  1. Hello Zoe, your project is awesome. Love the bird house, so very creative. Thanks for joining us at There She Goes.

    Have an awesome day!

  2. Zoe! I want to first tell you CONGRATS on your weight loss! Good for you! But I think I found the pounds you lost, want 'em back??? LOL I also can't tell you how much I LOVE these bird houses you made for Easter. Your alterations are pure genius! You are simply amazing. Great job on these. Can you tell me where you got the templates??? Hugs! Curt

  3. These are soooo beautiful! Thank you for playing alog with us at this weeks TSG challenge!

  4. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE your beautiful birdhouse boxes!! Thanks so much for playing along with us at There She Goes!! :)

  5. Really nice, i will try to do it tomorrow! ;)

  6. wow!! really love this project!great Easter activity 2!<3

  7. GRAZIE,GRAZIE di vero cuore....per aver condiviso questo magnifico post!!!!!Sono un' insegnante e cercavo qualcosa per i miei alunni per Pasqua.Poter realizzare queste casette significa vedere felici quaranta bambini!!!!!Sono tra i tuoi sostenitori!!!
    A presto Patry

  8. Ooooohh, this is sooooooo cute!!!! Thank you very much for sharing, I'm gonna make one of this birdhouses, I love them!! :)

    Francina from Na Frnzzn Feltreja

  9. This is so nice Nicole. Thanks to share with us. I will make 3 for my daughters and niece. Bye from France

  10. I love this design! I featured it on my blog for Mother's Day.

  11. OMG, how ADORABLE! You are truly gifted... thanks for sharing!!!

  12. these are soooo cute! when you printed these off did you use a standard 8.5x 11 inch card stock?
    printed at 100%?
    thank you for sharing such a cute project

  13. Regards from Venezuela. Congratulations for your cute birdhose box. I saw it before. I´m planning to use it as a sewing box. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  14. Thank you for sharing the template and tutorial! Although I plan to make a few of these for myself (I am thinking of Christmas print cardstock and hanging them as decorations about the house) I believe this will be a lovely project for my grandchildren to enjoy as well.