Saturday, 19 January 2013


I saw this pattern and it had to be done!  I think pigs are so cute anyway and boy do they taste good too!  I was going to sell her but my friend mentioned in passing how much she liked her so this is being put to one side for a little birthday present this week.

The legs are a little tricky though, they have to be positioned and stitched in just the right place so that the body sits straight and at the right sort of angle.

 Front view, although a bit out of focus!

To give her a bit of definition, I inked along her back, belly and legs with some Tim Holtz distress inks and a  paintbrush.

Saturday, 5 January 2013


A found some fine, brown cordury fabric a while ago and it was crying out to  be made into some dungarees.  I made an extra large bunny for this one by photocopying the pattern and increasing by 70% so this chappie is BIG and I love him!

The hat is made from heavyweight brown linen fabric which I only had a small sample of so a 
hat was about all I could make from it - waste not, want not as they say!

I wanted to dress him up a bit so I made a tie for him too.

Hope you're having a good week and recovering from Christmas fever!