Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I did say I was in the mood for a box so here's another.  Actually I made this one a while ago but the paper is so nice I can't bear to part with it so I keep in on my dressing table - its got nothing in it though!

I made the base from some gorgeous 12x12 flocked paper from DCWV.  I love the feel of it, its yummy. The lid was made from another 12x12 sheet of their black textured cardstock.  I had a small strip of the patterned paper left over so I folded this to look like a ribbon, then added some black ribbon to it and secured to the box lid with a button threaded through all the layers to hold it in place.

Sad though it may seem, I doubt it will be put to any use, at least for the foreseeable future anyhow!

Happy crafting!
Zoe x

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I've been in the mood for some boxes so here's one I've recently finished.

I made up the box from one sheet of 8x11 cardstock and then made a lid to fit.  I punched the base and top using the Top Note die from SU and then mounted another punched sheet of patterned paper which is from Anna Griffin.  Before putting it all together, I cut a slit the width of the ribbon in the top and bottom die cut pieces, either side of where the actual box would sit and threaded the ribbon through from the bottom to the top.  Once I'd glued the base and top to the box I tied the ribbon in place and this hold the lid on securely.

I had some chipboard embellishments in a similar colour to the patterned paper so fixed this to the front of the box and just added a gem to it.  This will be holding some chocolates as a pressie for a friend.  I love the colour combination - I also love the contents but I must resist - the diet is in full swing and doing OK so far so no nibbles for me this time (Damn it!).

Zoe x

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Hey everyone, hope you're having a really good day and looking forward to the weekend - I know I am, and its only Wednesday!

Today I'm sharing a card I made up for a friend to give to someone who was going through a bit of a rough time.  I wanted to keep it pretty simple with the message being the main focal point so I used just black and white with a hint of pale pink for a touch of colour. 

Flowers are the usual thing on these types of cards so I wanted to change that here and used stars instead because this person certainly is one of those.  I created the sentiment and the stars on my PC then printed them off and cut them out.  Just mounted with foam pads for depth.

Catch up with you soon
Zoe x

Thursday, 3 February 2011


I found amongst my bundle of unscrapped pictures this little one from 10 years ago, the only person missing is Jerry who was taking the picture - this was before we had figured out how to use the timer setting!  We'd been out with my best mate and some friends for my 30th birthday and had a great night in our local Italian followed by a good ole boogie back at our place.

We used to live in a road called Alexandria Gardens which was renamed by us as 'Club Alexandria' and my mate Ruth and her hubby lived round the corner at Delara Way which was know as 'Club Delara'.  On any given night out, it was a toss up which 'Club' we would end up at and we had some fab times in both!  We used to push all the furniture out of the way to make as much of a 'dance floor' as possible and then we let rip, air guitars in full swing!

I am now forty (almost 41 aaahhhhhh!) and it will most likely take me another 10 years to scrap the pics from that night too!

Hope you're having a good day.
Zoe x