Monday, 6 December 2010


I so miss my cat Jessie.  We had to re home him as he didn't get on with our other cats (except for one) and it was a nightmare to live with all the fights.  He even started to spray over electric sockets and the like which apparently is a sign of stress so we had to come to a really hard decision to let him go somewhere he'd be happy.  He was my absolute favorite and I really do miss his cheeky little face around the place.

He adored climbing trees and we have several in our garden.  He was only happy with the biggest one in the front garden and climbed up there all the time to catch the birds, he never managed it though, he was far to noisy!

He was a cool dude and just loved a cuddle.  His favorite spot was under my chin when I was in bed at night.  He used to keep me warm in the winter I can tell you.

For this page I drew a line around in black ink and then punched some squares of patterned paper which I rounded on the corners.  I printed his pic and trimmed the same way then laid it all out on my PC.  Added my journalling and printed it off.  My one and only embellishment is a little pink brad.

Sorry if you're not a scrappy person but there will be some more crafty bits coming so come back soon!

Take care all
Zoe x

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  1. Holey Moley Zoe, hope you've been just as generous back to your Hubby, just spent 5 good minutes drooling over your last post LOL This page is wonderful, a fantastic keepsake of dear Jessie - I'm sure she's loved just as much in her new home :) xxx