Monday, 3 January 2011


Well Happy New Year All!  Two Thousand and Eleven has arrived and I think this is gonna be a good year!
I just have that feeling.

We are really lucky where we live, we are surrounded by fields and they are usually full of cows or sheep most the year.  The farmer had to put up another line of fencing because they were leaning over the barbed wire and eating all our hedges!  We quite often go out and feed them some fresh grass and one year we came across 'Split Ear'.  We called her that because one of her ears was cut in two and she was the most friendly cow we've ever come across.  As soon as we went out in the garden she would come over to us waiting for some food!  We got used to seeing her all summer and then one day she was gone, along with the rest of the herd.  She loved a stroke and I managed to take a pic of her one day having the tip of her nose tickled.

OK, so she's not the cutest thing you've ever seen but we liked her.  Since then, we've not come across another cow who is quite so in need of attention, although they all love a handful of fresh grass being fed to them but stroking seems to definitely be out of bounds.  This page is dedicated to Split Ear - the friendliest cow we know!

Catch you soon


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  1. What a very sweet story and a wonderful photo. What a sweet cow! I hate that she "disappeared" though! :( Wishing you a very happy and wonderful New Year! Best, Curt