Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Whenever you buy packs of patterned paper there are always few that don't really float your boat. I can never part with them though (I'm a terrible hoarder). If the pattern is not symmetric then can you usually chop it about and find a bit that works for you.

For this card I had a sheet of patterned paper, which as a whole pattern I didn't like too much so I tried cutting a section of it out and too me that looked much better so that was my starting point. 

I mounted it onto the brown cardstock and them threaded the button with some organza ribbon and wrapped around my mount.  Once attached, I just needed to stamp the sentiment and it was done.  Brown and Blue, another favourite colour combination and BIG buttons, another goodie for me.  Really quick card.  Because the ribbon is organza it fits neatly in an envelope without over padding it and making the envelope difficult to close so no need for a box this time.

Zoe x

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