Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Morning all,  today is the day for sharing the menu design with you for this mammoth wedding I am working on.  (for those getting bored with all this stuff, don't worry it will be over soon!!!)

I had seen something similar to this in Hello magazine years ago and loved the idea of having a name card and menu all in one.  A know that a lot of people like to keep these sorts of things from weddings and what better than one with your name on it!

I am up to menu number 209 at the mo and still more to do!  I made all the little bows myself which as you can image has taken me AGES but I think it was definitely worth all the effort.  The menus will be slotted inside specially folder napkins which will allow the top portion to show, so that the guest name and the wedding info is visible.  They will just slide out when ready to be read.

For each of the tables, instead of table numbers, I am doing table names.  As my friends are the brides parents and they are farmers, they have decided to use all the names of their fields for the tables.

These are double sided and are really sturdy little things because of the amount of cardstock used (all those layers!). 

I am so so pleased with how all this stuff has turned out.  The happy couple are trilled too and I've still got loads more bits to do.  I am so enjoying doing all of this.

Take care.
Zoe x

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