Thursday, 16 August 2012


Its been a while since I last posted I know.  We are have having terrible problems with our internet connection (its virtually non existent where we live now, the down side of living in the sticks I suppose) and although I can get online, its soooo slow, I am struggling to get pictures uploaded.  We are waiting for a new dongle to arrive (today I hope!) which promises to be better than we have at present so fingers crossed, things will speed up a bit and I can get back to normal.

We've finally got our kitchen fitted and I have my office back (almost).  It was full of boxes and furniture for the fitters to be able to get all the new kitchen bits in.  I'll be back soon with some new posts so please keep checking back.

Hope you all having a great day.

take care

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  1. Glad to see things are okay Zoe (well, other than the internet thing) !! Can't wait to see what all you have been doing.