Monday, 1 October 2012



Its been a long while I know, but I have not had much chance to do anything worthy of a post recently.  My new job is pretty full one at the moment, a lot of new stuff to learn plus my internet is driving me totally nuts!  Its sooooo slow and takes an age to upload anything.  We live in one of many 'forgotten' areas where an ad on the TV banging on about BT Super Fast Fibre Optic Broadband makes you want to throw something at the telly - we can't even get basic, stable broadband let alone superfast fibre optic!

Anyhoo, I hope to be able to get something uploaded soon to share with you.  Please bear with me - I'll be back soon!!


  1. Hope you can get back soon Zoe - I for one, miss you !!! Glad to know all is well, however.

  2. Hola Zoe, i hope to see your news projects soon.Good Luck with your new job.
    Hugs from Palma