Sunday, 26 September 2010


Hi All

Today's post is a scrap page  and its about how I feel about my wonderful husband.  He does have to spend a few days a month away from home because of his job and although that gives me the chance to get a load of crafty bits done without having to worry about dinner and ironing! - I do miss him when he's not here.  Noises in the night aren't the problem, I don't hide under the sheets at the slightest knock or anything like that but I do miss a chat and a catch up on our day.

The picture was taken at a friends wedding and has lots of memories associated with it but essentially this is just about us.

I had a little heart & sentiment button hanging around and used them here along with the H (for husband) sticker.  I've had these ages so no idea where they came from.  I scour the web for nice little quotes and phrases and this one just summed it all up nicely for me.


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