Monday, 14 June 2010


Just a very quick one today, I am redecorating the bedroom and am about to master the art (or not as the case may be!) of putting up coving on my own… aaahhhh.  Hubby is away on a golf tour for a few days so I am trying my best to get as much finished as possible as he has no clue I am doing this! I’ve done the worst bits, all the sanding of doors and rads and filling in gaps so once the coving is up it’ll be on to the best bit for me - the painting and wallpapering. I really love painting. I find it really therapeutic and relaxing but needed a break from the prepping so I grabbed a coffee and knocked up this card.

This really didn’t take long at all – 10 minutes max I would say. I used my square punches to cut out the green and black squares and fixed them to the base of the card. I then stamped the image, cut out, adhered some gems and fixed some foam pads to the back of the image to raise it from the card. Super simple and quick.

Well back to the coving. I have a feeling I will be pulling glue from my hair for the next few days if this doesn’t stay up – wish me luck!

Have a good one.
Zoe x

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