Thursday, 3 February 2011


I found amongst my bundle of unscrapped pictures this little one from 10 years ago, the only person missing is Jerry who was taking the picture - this was before we had figured out how to use the timer setting!  We'd been out with my best mate and some friends for my 30th birthday and had a great night in our local Italian followed by a good ole boogie back at our place.

We used to live in a road called Alexandria Gardens which was renamed by us as 'Club Alexandria' and my mate Ruth and her hubby lived round the corner at Delara Way which was know as 'Club Delara'.  On any given night out, it was a toss up which 'Club' we would end up at and we had some fab times in both!  We used to push all the furniture out of the way to make as much of a 'dance floor' as possible and then we let rip, air guitars in full swing!

I am now forty (almost 41 aaahhhhhh!) and it will most likely take me another 10 years to scrap the pics from that night too!

Hope you're having a good day.
Zoe x

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  1. Love it!

    Haven't got into scrapbooking yet but I think I really must try. It's such a lovely way of capturing memories.

    I can never find the balance between the image and the page embellishment.

    Love the tag detail!

    Elaine x