Friday, 12 August 2011


Hi All

Been a quiet day at work and had dinner cooked for me when I got home - this NEVER happens, what can he be after I am wondering to myself! - so.... time for a card me thinks!

I have just bought a bundle of seam binding to play around with so thought I'd start there with this one. The stamps I used to decorate the the banners are a new set I've just got from PTI as is the sentiment. I used some Prima pearls to decorate them and a few roses for a bit of softness.

I'm liking green at the moment as I've just finished painting my kitchen in a similar shade to this and who out there doesn't like a bit of pink!

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did making it.

P.S. in case you where wondering, dinner was toad in the hole with onion gravy (I had to make that part as gravy is definately not his strong point) all was yummy. AND all he wanted was to give me a night off from cooking.. ahhh sooo sweet!


  1. Love this card! Great colours too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Alex x

  2. Beautiful Card. I love banners. TFS...