Thursday, 4 August 2011



Hi Everyone

You know what, I am a fickle ole thing and I do get bored pretty quickly so if you've been popping in today and wondering why things keep changing its because I wanted to update the look of my blog template.  I was in need of more colour sooo....

after much messing around, broadband drops out and copious amounts of hair-pulling (is it cool for a girl be be bald!?), I've decided on this one.  A few more tweeks needed here and there but essentially I am leaving it alone for while!

Hope you like it... but don't get too settled with it, there is every chance it will change again before too long, LOL!

Check back soon for some more posts, I am working on a few bits today so will share shortly.

Cheerio for now.
Zoe x

1 comment:

  1. NOTE TO SELF - Looks cool girl! God what a saddo I am (don't answer that!)