Monday, 22 February 2010


You would be forgiven for thinking that I have fallen off the planet - I confess that I am a little annoyed with myself that I have not posted a single thing since November!  My excuse however is that I crafted myself out preparing things for all the fairs I did last year and I kinda lost the enthusiasm to do anything crafty for a while.  Then Christmas came along and took over and after a relaxing January and Feb I feel in the mood to craft again! 

Been busy preparing some mini scrapbooks for my friends following a trip to the polo in St Davids last summer, which was a fabulous day out, and have almost finished.  Will post a few pics of them in the next few days. 

Yesterday was spent with my closest friends celebrating my 40th birthday!  I cannot believe how quickly that came along - where does all the time go?  I am the last of my friends to reach the 'BIG 4 0' and my actual birthday is not until Wednesday so I am relishing the final few days of being in my thirties, safe in the knowledge that am and always will be, the baby of the group!

Check back in the week and hopefully I'll have sorted my life out and posted something!

Take care for now.
Zoe x

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