Friday, 26 February 2010


I just love reading and spend a lot of my spare time doing just that!  There are so many that I read over and over again and I thought why not make up a little Book Bible to remind me of all those that are my favorites.

I used an undecorated 7Gyspies bound book and ran some patterned paper through my printer with my title on it.

For the inside pages, I created a template on my computer to hold a photo of the book cover with a small journal block at the bottom to write why I loved the book, when I first read it and who my favorite character was.  I then scanned each of the book covers and printed them out, then stuck them to the template.  Then I wrote my comments for each one and its was complete!  Whenever a I read a book I really enjoyed, I now add it to my Favorite Book Bible.  It includes books going way back to my childhood like tales from the Brothers Grimm, Famous Five and then more recent ones The Kite Runner and any Dan Brown books.

Every now and then I flick through it and think, yeah that was a great book and off I go to read it again!  Sad really I guess but makes me happy.

Have a great day.
Zoe x

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