Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I have a really bad memory when its comes to events and even writing things down on a calender means nothing when it comes to getting birthday and anniversary cards out to people on time!  Organising things, planning things and getting the job done when I'm at work is no problem.  At home sadly its a different matter - I have NO IDEA why that is.   I have forgotten my sisters birthdays for the last 5 years running but ask me to organise an event for 100+ people at work - I can do it in my sleep - what IS the matter with me!?

I have tried to organise my cards in date order all ready to go when needed and yet I still manage to mess it up on occasion.

This is the reason for this card which was made in great haste and was sent three whole days late - arrrhhhhh!  Because I make cards people expect a handmade jobbie to drop through their letterbox so here is my super quickie card to that someone (who knows who they are!) that I forgot AGAIN!.

The designer paper is from SEI (starting to become an obsession with me with their paper range!).  I cut the butterfly from another sheet of their paper. The cardstock is 'kraft' and both this and the sentiment is from PTI.

Due to the efficiency of the snail mail around these parts, it will eventually end up being 5 days late - usually the time most people take their cards down!  However, at least mine will be the only one on display for a while longer than the others they will have got..... Hey now there's an idea to make yourself stand out from the crowd.... send everything late so that you are the only one left standing!  That will be my excuse from now on.

Until next time...

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  1. Boy, for a quickie card this is stunning! I love the colors you used. This is very stylish. Just look at belated birthdays the way I do. . .You are just helping them extend the celebration! LOL Hope you are well! Best, Curt