Thursday, 8 September 2011


I sometimes get a little bee in my bonnet and get bored with the same old card making.  I fancy trying something new and whilst routing through my draws I came across some felt that I bought yonks ago and have never used.  I wanted to refresh my sewing skills (never very good but can get by!) and bought a couple of templates on line to have a try with.  Here is my first attempt at making this cutie....

Once he was call cut out and sewn up (took a bit of time but worth it)  I set about making up a card to mount him on.

I used the sentiment and elephant stamp from a new set I got from PTI.

To make him worth keeping, I fixed a broach pin to the back of my little fella to make him into a badge.  I punched through the layers on the card front to make some holes to fit the back of the pin and then fixed it to the front of the card. 

Seemed such a shame to just plonk him on the front of a card which will end up in the bin after a few days on the mantle.

Once the card was completed, I made up and decorated a box for it to go in and I was finished.  I am so so pleased with this one. 

I have a few more patterns to try out so will share once I've made some more. I made this whole card and the badge in an evening in front of the telly so was pretty quick really and I'm sure with more practice it will be even quicker.

Have a good one all!

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  1. A major wow! This is amazing! Love that you can detach it from the card for a keepsake. What a great idea. This would make an amazing baby card too. And that fabulous box to put it in. Great job! Best, Curt