Sunday, 4 March 2012


I am doing a craft fair in April and I have been asked many times in the past for a business card or some contact details from customers. I've never had any or ever thought about it before but I wanted to try and make up something this time to save me scratching around for a pen and paper!

I created these on my computer and printed them onto heavy weight patterned cardstock (Kanban) so that they would have a clear front and patterned back and cut them out with PTI's Tag Sale #3 die. I just couldn't decide what colour front I wanted to use, so I'm gonna use all of these...

Orange and Mauve

Green and Brown

 and finally Blue

All of them together and what they look like on the reverse...

I looked on-line for some copyright free clipart to use in co-ordinating colours and added the little images in the corner.

I've made up about 20.  Now that I've got some I probably won't be asked but at least I have something just in case!

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