Saturday, 10 March 2012


When I was visiting my mum a few weeks ago, I went shopping at the local Hobby Craft store (we don't have anything like this where I live so ALWAYS make the most of my visits here and spend a small fortune!).  Whilst looking for some felt I came across a pattern book by Tone Finnanger for her Tilda doll creations. 
I fell in love with the designs straightaway and bought a load of fabric so I could have a go. I was really really pleased with my first attempt so I wanted to share her with you.  She is a Flowergarden Angel.

This is how she started out, all arms and legs! 
My sewing machine has seen the light for the first time in years!

I used a Martha Stewart pale pink ink pad and sponge for her cheeks
and a waterproof pen for her eyes.

Fixing the arms to the body was the trickiest part I think but they didn't turn out too bad.

I was really surprised how quickly I made her.  Took me an afternoon and evening (about 6 hours) from start to finish.  She is 24" (60cm) high and I love her!  I may not have done it all exactly as an expert sewer would approve of but I'm happy.

I went a bit mad on the fabric buying so I will just have to make another one of her creations now to use it all up.  Will share with you soon.  This design is from the Tilda's Summer Ideas book if you're interested in having a go.

Take care.

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  1. This is absolutely store quality! I think you did an amazing job on her! I'm so impressed! Your choice of fabrics and colors is so perfect. You are so very talented. These would be great for you to sell too! I bet they'd go like hot cakes! Great stuff! Best, Curt