Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I recently sold a ton of stuff on eBay because we are hopefully moving house fairly soon and I really need to make room.  However, no sooner has I sent everything in the post, I was buying more stuff!!  Nightmare.

Anyway, I bought some ribbon and gems and a couple of stamp sets so I wanted to use them all straight away.

I started by using one of the stamps to make a pattern and the first few impressions were solid, then it all went a bit wrong.  However, I actually quite like the effect - its fairly soft and delicate I think.

I stamped the sentiment and then used some embossing power.  In the flesh its lovely but the light is reflecting in the photo which makes it look unevenly stamped.

I love the simplicity of the finished card.


  1. Don't you love happy accidents?! Gorgeous & so classy :) You're reminding me I have to get a load of stuff on ebay.... I have so much stuff to clear that I keep putting it off lol x

  2. It's a vicious cycle, isn't it...selling to clean out your stash then buying more to replace it! :) Love this card, the colors are so pretty!

  3. Hola zoe, beautiful and elegant card, i love the "patterned" background, the photos never look like in the real life :D.
    A hug from Palma