Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Its move day tomorrow, it seems to have come round so quick, I can't believe it.  Really excited about it but will also be really, really sad to leave this house.

Hubby is also officially retiring tomorrow which is great for him.  He's been so stressed the last few years and its not been an easy ride for us but we've got through it.  We decided that he should apply for early retirement with his company and thankfully they accepted it and offered him a good package, so it seemed the right time to go.  He was with them for 37 years but I think he's really glad to get onto another stage in his life.

Now for today's card, a little something for the master of the house, just to tell him how much he means to me....

At some point tomorrow the broadband and phone will be disconnected and I will be without access to the internet for a while until we are settled into our new home and have got ourselves sorted out.  So after today, it'll be scheduled posts for a bit.

Off to finish cleaning up the house now, hoover and duster working overtime!

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  1. What a sweet card. Congrats on the move and your husband's early retirement! Hope everything goes smoothly for you...see you when you're back online! Hugs!