Saturday, 14 July 2012


Today I have another little sewing creation to share.  I made a smaller version of this previously but this one is a lot bigger.  She's so cute!

A closer look....

She is from a book by Tone Finnanger called 'Tilda's Studio' which has a ton of projects to play around with.

Now that I've made a few of her creations, I thought I'd try and sell them on eBay or set up an Etsy account or something.  I've not taken up many craft fairs for the last 12 months, it just takes so much time to get everything together so I am just sticking to Easter and Christmas one these days.

I need to start shifting these before they take over the spare room :) and unfortunately I was made redundant a week after we moved house so whilst I am job hunting, I am getting some extra 'play' time in so hopefully will have some more ready to go fairly soon.  Got a couple of interviews lined up now though so perhaps something will come from one of those.  Keep those fingers crossed for me!

Take care.


  1. Hola Zoe, amazing little girl elephant, a great work, my sister make Tilda dolls too.
    Good luck in your new project.
    Hugs from Palma

  2. LOVE!!!!,So very creative. Hugs from spain