Friday, 12 March 2010


Just a quickie today. My wonderful husband and I will shortly be celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary and it prompted me to make up a scrapbook page to mark the occassion.  We met when I was a mere slip of a girl (17 and he was 28!) and married when I was twenty and we've been very happy together.

I use my computer a lot to make up pages for my scrapbooks.  I have Photoshop 6 loaded but have still not managed to crack that yet! I just use PowerPoint to layout my pages using text and photo boxes, I can then crop my photos to fit, print them off, cut them out and adhere them to my page.  It gives me much more flexibility on fonts and exact placement.

I am working on a whole scrapbook album with a special pic from each year we've been together as a present for him on the big day itself.  I'll have to get my thinking cap on to come up with something extra special for our 25th!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Belated Anniversary Congratulations - 20 years, gosh that's wonderful :) Everything you create is just so elegant Zoe! Take care, love Steph xxx