Thursday, 5 August 2010


I recently came across these gorgeous things, having seen some being used on other blogs and have hunted high and low to find them.  Finally I managed to get my hands on them and got to work straightaway.

In case these are new to you too, they come on a strip of mesh and are made up of organza ribbon stitched to the mesh in rose shapes.  They trim up really easily and adhere well with double sided tape.  I nearly resorted to making my own but thankfully I didn't have to.  I'm pretty good with a sewing machine but I am certain they would not have come out nearly as pretty as these.

They are very soft and pliable so will easily fit inside an envelope but I didn't want to risk them being crushed too much so I made boxes for these to go in.  I got brown, green, pink and red.  They also do a really lovely blue but they didn't have that in stock when I bought them.

These are all going along to my craft fair hence them all being the same design.  So often someone likes the card but maybe not the colour so I'm playing safe here!

Have a good day.

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