Wednesday, 18 August 2010


I am doing another craft fair this weekend and I usually lay my 'stall' on the kitchen table to see how its gonna look when I get there.  I like doing these but its a lot of work and what I've laid out is not all the stuff I intend trying my hand at selling.  I've got a whole bunch of other stuff which hopefully will be used to fill up any gaps I'm left with if I sell well.  I've got another two fairs coming up in November and December so I'm going to be pretty busy for the next few months trying to come up with some new stuff!

I'll probably mess around with this some more but I am fairly happy with how it looks.

I am pushing the card side of things a bit more this time than I normally do so hopefully I'll have made a good decision on that score!  Time will tell.

Thanks for looking, as always.
Zoe x


  1. Your 'stall' looks amazing Zoe, it shows how much hard work has gone into it! I hope you do well - do let us know! Can I ask how you get such a neat finish on your spiral notepads? (Do you use a bind it all?). I normally fold the paper over the edges, but the way you have done it is sooo much better! xx

  2. Good morning. I think your stall looks amazing and I am sure that you did very well at the craft fair. I was wondering if you had any close up pics of the "Emergency Chocolate." I LOVE that idea! TFS!