Monday, 2 August 2010


CHOCOLATE and I need it NOW!

I have a chocolate craving every single day.  I can't help myself and it certainly doesn't help my weight either!  I am pretty sure there are others of the same mindset as myself and what better than some coco to perk yourself up, if only for a short time.  Hence the....

I found a site that showed a box like this but for smaller sized choc bars that they'd bought in the shop in the US and I thought what a fab idea so I set about making my own only with the giant size bars we can buy here - why bother if its only gonna be a few chunks, give me loads of the stuff!

I bought the chocolate and measured it to make my box.  My measurements are below - hope you can see them OK.

I made up the box and inserted my chocolate bar and then I made the label for the front using my computer and printed onto cardstock, trimmed it and adhered to the front of the box.

The wording I used is as shown below, I just changed the ingredients section to my own wording, the rest is from the original that I copied.

I made up a whole bunch of these and did different colours to mix things up a bit.

I better get going and find homes for these before I consume the contents myself!  Take care all.

Zoe x

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